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Bernal Cut Walk-through *
Fri., Mar. 23 | 9:30-11:30am | Meet at 59 Highland Ave

Join the College Hill Neighborhood Association, Supervisor Scott Wiener's Office, and the SF Bicycle Coalition on a walk-through of the Bernal Cut - San Jose Avenue north of Glen Park. The first hour will focus on a tour of the Cut stairs and pathways to see the community's plans for improvement. At 10:30, we'll discuss bike safety issues on San Jose Avenue and brainstorm ideas for improvements. Contact sandy@bernalcut.com.


Jessica Williams, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart's newest correspondent is a knock out (without effort)! A sight for sore eyes if you will, the girl next door persona offering a fresh perspective of reporting. I admit, I'm drooling a bit over here (rightfully so) but after working 13+ years in broadcast news, Jessica is great for T.V. I'm glad I got cable! [click the title: 'Jessica' for the bio]



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todays modern man got soft

todays modern man got soft
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