el Finisher bag

'No Mas', Chris Isenberg, has really outdone himself here. He has taken his huge collection of vintage Starter jackets -- more than 200 of them, accumulated over the past decade -- and begun turning them into gym duffels, which he's calling Finisher Bags. Total fucking genius! "The sewing is a very tough job, because every jacket is sized differently and has different patches, appliqués and embroideries," Isenberg explains. "So we have to make it the proper shape and then move all those details into the right position."


Poor Leno


\né-gə-wät\ n: A measure of the avoided use or the conservation of a unit of energy. The saving of a megawatt of power by reducing consumption or increasing efficiency.
It hasn’t yet made it into the Webster’s Dictionary, but you will know what it means.


Sunday Morning A, B, C 's

Richard got nice in the GreenRoom before shooting this scene



• Whenever Sarah Palin says a word or phrase in one of your boxes, check it off.
• If you check 5 boxes in any straight or diagonal line, you win PALIN BINGO!
• The center box, “Air Space” is free. Go ahead and check that off right away.
• For extra points, try and score a “Media Black-Out”, by filling in all the boxes on your card!
• Try using a blank sheet to make your own PALIN BINGO card.

Click HERE for the downloadable .pdf files.!

7 1/2 Floor Orientation Video


Aldous Huxley (Disney sucks)

Aldous Huxley (author of “Brave New World”) died while tripping off a huge injection of LSD. Huxley was a longtime hallucinogen enthusiast, who famously wrote a screenplay for Alice and Wonderland that was rejected by Disney for being to literary.


BH x Thrasher

Thrasher Mag held a Skate Competition, Bust or Bail" @ Paul Revere Elementary. In '86, this was Ram & Kwaz's main stompin' grounds. Over @ P.R. Annex, they use to set a ramp up against the wall and and wallride for dayz.

in the heart of Bernal Heights. Just a couple of blocks from the Box in Hand HQ. Back then, just the basic Ollie-to-Railslide down a handrail was illest trick. Boy! How skating has evolved?!

Let it snow

Forum or Against'em Official Trailer from Forum Snowboards on Vimeo.



As Box in Hand celebrates it's 500th post, (as if anyone cares)
we chose to landscape David Flores. Don't sleep on this kid


So close to never happening. 9-11 (8years)

BH rail contest

Better late than never. We never got the memo. But BH was absent from it's own neighborhood skate contest. i, personally learned how to Ollie-to-railslide @ Paul Revere. Hell, it was 1 block from the crib. There is no, "Old-timers Day Parade", for this here game. BH roars!


a BlackButterfly joint

Sunday April 27th @ 9pm | BAM Rose Cinema 30 Lafayette Ave. Brooklyn


todays modern man got soft

todays modern man got soft
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