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Ray Barbee Y'all!

Ray Barbee is from San Jose, California. He started skateboarding in 1984, when he was in seventh grade. Barbee was a leading pioneer of freestyle/flatland street ollie combos. Props to Ray who even has a signature shoe with Vans. Mr. Barbee's also a multi-instrumentalist whose released a couple of jazz albums ("Triumphant Procession", a collection of jazz-influenced instrumental tracks which Barbee produced and engineered at home. And his 2005 release, "In Full View").

What color is the boathouse at Hereford?

Black History Month

Here today, Gone tomorrow

February marks the beginning of Black History Month - an annual celebration that has existed for 87 years. Much of the credit can go to Harvard Scholar Dr. Carter G. Woodson. In 1926 Woodson organized the first annual Negro History Week, which took place during the second week of February. Many wonder why choose the shortest month of the year. Primarily because the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln were in Febuary and both men greatly impacted the black population.



There's too many blanks in your analogies

The lyrics to this song reminds me of what almost happened to mr. dick cheney today and our involvment in Iraq & Afghanistan.

This band sounds like the Clash. The Bass player goes off!! Nice to sk8 to also.

Critial Beatdowns & Debo.

put 'cha gun down! & get your BOXing Hand skillz up to par!

Steve Steadham Y'all

the 1st blackman i ever saw rip up a pool an halfpipe. He was like 43 on this video clip and he's still rippin' shit!


Quite Nifty & Glamourizing?

well yeah, but MF don't get mad! its just how folks do it 'round these parts. Throw some bald tires on dat oldschool bucket and mob out.


Manhattan Fried Rodent (the rats take it back!)

Hopefully those rats gave them new york'ers a wakeup call. Folks don't need to eat fastfood no way, the shit is poision. Wakeup!

To Wendy's & Micky D's: i hope those little critters find you.

hydrogen X oxygen X hydrogen

The water cycle is the continuous circulation of water, changing between liquid, solid, and gas phases. All driven by radiant energy emitted by the sun (solar radiation).
At room temperature, it is a nearly colorless, tasteless, and an odorless liquid. But in large volume, may appear blue. Theres is a dynamic equilibrium between the liquid and vapor states. And can also withstand at different temperatures and pressures. Water is the most abundant molecule on Earth's surface, composing 70-75% of the planet.
Water is unfortunately becoming more and more scarce. And my hypothesis is that the next world war can very well be over water not oil. Thus giving "the man" reason to steal water from Interstellar clouds of another galaxy.

a Gillo Pontecorvo Joint

a must see for filmmakers.



the Town's 1st Vaudeville

Grand lake Theatre, a "GEM" movie house near Lake Merritt and Oakland's 1st theatre. It was designed as a single auditorium theater by the Reid Brothers for West Coast Theaters, Inc. After it opened on March 6, 1926, it held music performance and silent movie showings, but with the arrival of "talkies" it began to exclusively show sound films. In 1928, the Grand Lake became part of the Fox Theaters chain, and in total, changed ownership five times until 1980. In 1980, the theater was purchased by Allen Michaan of Renaissance Rialto, Inc.
Although the theater has an almost Art Deco exterior dominated by a giant illuminated rooftop sign and a neon marquee, the interior is best described as neo-classical. Columns and urns line the main theater space and the ceiling is adorned with a crystal chandelier in the lobby and classical frescos in the auditorium.

Michaan uses Its marquee is now own personal soapbox, to the delight of most (but not all) patrons and nearby residents. The marquee may read: No War for Oil; Peace Is Patriotic; and IMPEACH THIS ADMINISTRATION.
They also fire up their very own, Mighty Wurlitzer Organ. (Friday and Saturday evenings only 10 to 30 min as time permits)

Still a great date spot! Plus theres an LIQ across the street, in case you wanna sneak a beer inside.


Idi Amin Dada Oumee

1972 - Idi Amin, determined to make Uganda "a black man's country", expels the country's 40,000-80,000 Indians and Pakistanis, reportedly after receiving a message from God during a dream.

"I am going to ask Britain to take responsibility for all asians in Uganda who are holding British passports, because they are sabotaging the economy of the country,"

The asians, most of who are third-generation descendants of workers brought to Uganda by the British colonial administration, were given 90 days to leave the country and were only allowed to take what they can carry. "If they do not leave they will find themselves sitting on the fire."

They didn't call him, 'the Butcher of Africa' for nothing. So many corpses were thrown into the Nile that workers at one location had to continuously fish them out to stop the intake ducts at a nearby dam from becoming clogged.
Amin was the heavyweight boxing champion of Uganda, holding the title from 1951 until 1960.
During 1975 he even staged a publicity stunt for the world media, forcing white residents of Kampala to carry him on a throne then kneel before him and recite an oath of loyalty.


No sneakers! Barefeet Only!

Barefoot Doctors

The name comes from southern farmers, who would often work barefoot in the rice paddies. Barefoot doctors were farmers who got basic medical training and worked in rural villages in China to bring health care to areas where urban-trained doctors would not settle. The barefoot doctors usually received as much as 3-6 months training, with a main focus on preventive medicine and curing simple ailments that were common in the specific areas.
Barefoot doctors were given a set of medicines, Western and Chinese that they would dispense. And often grew their own herbs in their backyard. Integrating both Western and Chinese medicine, like acupuncture and mugwort.
China's Cultural Revolution in the 60's help scatter barefoot doctors throughout the rural terrain. Mao made a famous speech about institutionalized healthcare, which radically diminished the influence of China's health ministry (dominated by Western-trained doctors).

This Way, was hailed as a revolutionary breakthrough in the health game. It called for an emphasis on primary health care and preventative medicine, and sought to link medicine with trade, economics, industry, and rural politics.
They are a dying breed .


Adidas X Run DMC X Cadillac

B-ball inspired adidas sneaker, desgined by RUN-DMC. The Brougham and El Dorado models are part of the Cadillac Series launched by RUN-DMC. The BBall HI “El Dorado” limited to 1101 pairs worldwide.

Hands in the CookieJar

BH LUVs buds. And since today is Valentine's Day. Go on and pack a bowl with your loved one.


the Education of Sonny Carson

What a big Ghostface addict.

But GZA is the dopest WU lyricist.
However, the actor in this scene is Derrick Champ Ford, who plays "Wolfe". This movie, the Education of Sonny Carson, is a raw classic.

An old school legend,

Mr. Tommy Guerrero! I had the pleasure of bumping into this cat back when i was skating. Once at the Embarcadero. Then again at this BMX half-pipe behind the 'real' crookedest street in the world. That day, I remember Tommy drove the wrong way, UP that crooked-ass street. CRAZY! This was in like '86 or'87. To young cats skating, Tommy was the style master. Peep the video. Some nice terrain.

SF is perfect for street skating.

Back in the day, i made sure I skated every spot in this video. @ :55 Tommy enters the Dish, my old stompin grounds. I was doin' 360's off that fat lip right there wit you Tommy G! Thanx for the spark you started for a dude.

(peep BHlandscape later for more info on the "Real" crookedest street in the world and it's not on HYde stret)

\North Face x Supreme/


Once again, we got a SF/NY inter-woven connection.
The North Face x Supreme
peep the knowledge


"The boy's name is SATAN spelled backwards!"

My pops tripped off this cats name for the longest. It never bothered me. I was on some Skate or Die type shit at that time. Mr. Kaupas thought me how-to wall ride. STRAIGHT UP! and this one trick called a "43". Peep NATAS pull a Ollie grab off the curb.


todays modern man got soft

todays modern man got soft
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