Darkside of the rainbow

You've heard the old fable, if play a Pink Floyd album, turn down the television volume
and watch the Wizard of Oz at the same time it'll all make sense.

the secret is:
on the 3rd Lion roar before the movie starts, press play to Pink Flloyd's
'Darkside of the Moon' album.

this version may be off slightly but more insight found here

Black Samurai


You can dress him up but can't take'm anywhere

Outkast X Peanuts

i know, some childishly corny ass shit right? but trip, the editing is clean
(dem KiDs were on beat too!) A perfect idea for a Peanuts X Outkast collab.
The cartoon and song are gonna blow people away 20 years from now.
the KiDs take it back once again!


Awake again I can't pretend, to ponder killing my T.V.

easier said than done right? but serious,
shoot your television/walk outdoors & explore

notice the empty shoes on the dancefloor, symbolizing isolation, lonliness & escape



for the longest, i thought theUmmah did this beat.
watch the youngin's mission to takover the dancehall!



E8 (pronounced "e eight"), a symmetrical structure whose mathematical calculation has long been considered an unsolvable problem, until now!
An international team of math whizzes cracked E8's symmetrical code in a large-scale computing project. the answer is so long, the written equation (written in 1'inch line paper) would cover an area the size of Manhattan. the answer is 60 gigabytes worth of data one can throw on a hard drive.


Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents' Assoc. Dinner

If time permits, peep Stephen Colbert rip Bush a new one over dinner. PLEASE be patient tho with the whiteboy in the beginning (go about 2 and a half minutes in, then dinner is served)


"Staring @ the sun"

TV on the Radio.
These brothers gon work it out! they have that type of sound that tv advertisers cant stand
& award show producers steer clear away from.
the kind of sound that isn't good for ratings but rather for ones own audio landscape.
before i even seen these cats and even heard the name, 'OK calculator', this band had already reminded me of RH.


Mr. Felix Mitchell (1954 - 1986)

this cat was major in the 80's. when crack was called 'Hubbas' and Oakland was in true wild form. felix, a bigtime druglord and shot-caller for the notorious 69 Mob, is credited with creating the country's first large-scale, gang-controlled drug operation. stretching from cali and thru the midwest. the feds caught up with Mitchell and sentenced him to life in Leavenworth, federal penitentiary. just months later, felix mitchell caught a fatal shank.
to this day, the citizens oakland have not come together to a funeral like they did for this man. amazing.


Mexican/Russian Roulette

My main man (&1st bestfriend)Raymond Rameriez,
from the BH got into a argument and on the verge of breaking up with his girlfriend

(the couple are in his Suzuki Samurai)

all of a sudden Ray pull's out his pops .38 and is like,
"WHAT you dont love me. FUCK IT! imma kill myself"
she's screaming as he puts the revolver to the dome, sayin,
"NO,NO,NO NO! Dont do it. Im sorry. i love U,I LOVE YOU!"
Ray stares at her and pulls the trigger.
she collapses in ray's arms, they kiss,make up and drive off.
days later over at Sal's, i asked him,
"dude was the gun loaded?!"
he assures me there was 2 bullets in the piece and knew where they lived.
I shake my head in disbelief.
"Yo Ray & u my dog in all but y'all mexicans is crazy as hell!"

the Oooh Child a.k.a. Tracy Morgan is a fool!

City of Men

a Brazilian television mini-series from the directors of the film City of God (Kátia Lund and Fernando Meirelles). City of Men is less violent than City of God and a more light-hearted affair. But the show has clocked 35 million Brazilian viewers, includes some of the same actors and same locations as the movie and is out internationally on DVD.



my main man roy, the ghetto jephetto, has been pumpin' out these lil' figures for a minute. a true toy maker.


John Wayne was a Nazi

Skating in '87, when a dude wasn't rockin'g Mantronix, Just-Ice, RunDMC, or Ice-T.....he was listeng to some ska or punk music. (most of that shit was wack but i combed thru the shit and found me some darts)

A classic joint by MDC (aka Millions of Dead Children aka Multi Death Corporation aka Millions of Dead Cops)

some more 80's punk bands in remembrance:

dead kennedys

"6 'N the Mornin'" & "Going Way Back" were my joints


(card board dues) To: "a short distance" & J-DILLA

I'm diggin' this outfit Or should I say, record company. they're really devoted to the quality of their product. This california record company stands alone in hiphop. Granted, I'm no where near being 'up' on all the record labels out now. And definitely not as aware like i was back in the 80's & 90's. But fa'sho, these dudes know dey shit! And in my opinion, with their diverse sound, are quite capable of, if not already, able to reach ALL demographics of music listeners. i mean, madlib's, BOX TOPS, is a actual movie scene. they even got DILLA! better yet, he choose dem. Speaking of the DIL, peep this excellent tribute to J-Dilla from a couple of brazilian djs. its top drawer.
nice goin' wit the label mr. wolf. so who are these dudes anyway? well, let us find the meaning of the name & use it in a sentence:
Oxnard is a stonesthrow from L.A..


SF satanic murderer's

David Fincher (director of alien, theGame & fight club) supposedly did his thing with his new joint, Zodiac.

I was damn near a baby when the Zodiac was on the loose. But in '85 there was another killer on the run, that I remember vividly named, the NightStalker. The NightStalker (Richard Ramirez) was SAV! On August 18, 1985, Peter and Barbara Pan were found in their blood-soaked bed in Lake Merced, San Francisco. Both had been shot in the head. Scrawled on the wall in lipstick were an inverted pentagram and the words "Jack the Knife," off a song called "The Ripper" by Judas Priest. The Night Stalker was on a, stabbing, shooting and raping spree from L.A. to SF. Ramirez later caught a metal fence post to the head in a L.A. barrio by 2 local youts. The 2 kids closed in on him and kept him down until the police arrived. PUTO, CATHERON!



GATOR wasn't much of a street skater but use to catch major air off the half-pipe, even higher than Mr. Tony Hawk at times. In the documentary, you feel for this guy as he spirals down. Even tho he murder'd his lady in the middle of the desert.


todays modern man got soft

todays modern man got soft
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