Let It Roll (freight cars)

In '05, AntiDivision (the now defunct animation company) shot a movie doc. and some music videos for Oakland California's very own, Hieroglyphics. BH was there and compiled some of the footage for the making of, "Let It Roll". clock the trains Y'aLL!

cut by: KWAZ.

(Ricky Henderson) walk-to-work Wenesdays

get ya walk on!

B.i.t.D.z (back in the dayz-late 70's early 80's); the kids from Bernal would sometimes get the urge to go to downtown/union square or pier39. we would get off the mountain and head towards the 24th St.train station. the train was called bart, and we tried to sneak on every chance we got. We had a youngin' named Raul who would do anything!! fools would say, "Raul! do Ricky Henderson!" and he would run towards the turnstile at full speed and make like he was stealing 2nd base and slide right under the turnstile, just like Ricky. Mid 80's came around and it was getting harder and harder to obtain complimentary rides from bart but we didn't stop. and plus we admired those NYkids

aYo check iT!


Hop that turnstile foo!

BH is into topography and public transport. you know, buses, trains &maps Y'aLL! Underground lines, monorails, subways, eL's, boxcars. the 3,4,&5, the RedLine, freightcars, Richmont/Fremont Train, theClockworkOrange, etc etc.
Like veins & arteries connecting to all the vital parts, a sound and well designed train system can be the pulse to any city (except for L.A). In most cases, i prefer taking the train over a car (except in L.A). what can i say? im a city kid w/ good chi & surf skillz, who can ride the train without holding on.(except when the MTA reaches Bleeker St.) Anyhow, these cities wouldn't be shit without their subways Except for L.A..






the Glasgow


Los Angeles


Get Lifted

you all know BH supports the use of marijuana.
And since today is April 20th.
Turn off ur computer(peep the clips 1st),
roll a joint or de-core an apple and/or pack a bowl!
it's a celebration BiTcheS!!!


Play the Love Game

Kenny (Muffles):mrph mrph mrrpph mrrph, mph mrrpph mrrpphh mrpph!

Just in case you didn't know the lyrics.....

Les: I’m goin’ down to South Park. Gonna have myself a time.

Kyle & Stan: Friendly faces everywhere. Humble folks without temptation

Les: Goin’ down to South Park. Gonna leave my woes behind.

Cartman: Ample parking day or night. People spouting Howdy Neighbor!

Stan: Heading on up to South Park. Gonna see if I can’t unwind

Kenny: I like girls with big fat t#tt*es, I like girls with big va*inas
(so rumor has it)

Les: Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine.


HuMp DaY/ CooL OuT Sessions

Ladies & Gent's, it's the Black Elvis.

the perfect Beer Shoes

Oktoberfest, starting in September, Nike will release a special Nike Oktoberfest Air Max. It will be released in September only in Germany (bastards!). Supposedly, the leather used on the sneaker is the same one used on traditional Bavarian leather pants, the inner sole features the Bavarian flag colors, blue and white, and the inner sole also features a pretzel, which is a traditional Bavarian dish. FRESH! Ale & Pretzels! Germany in October,how perfect is that? I'm visioning sitting back drinking sweet beer and watching maidens run about.


LA to Detroit Special

a JDilla tribute interview

Jumbo 6's? Run'em! (fa'sho)

Dude, gettin' stuck up by a gay stick-up man who lives by a strict code;
like not using profanity or never deviating from his rulebook (ie; only robbing menacing people who are involved in the drug trade), is well,
"all in the game".

Bowtie VS. the Farmer in the Dell

Brother Mouzone (Played By Michael Potts),the New York-based hit man with a penchant for literature, seems more like a entrepreneur and scholar. Judging by appearence, it is believed that Mouzone's Muslim faith is with the Nation of Islam but is now an apostate. Others say that he is in no way connected with the Nation. His appearance is camouflaged with strategy and intimidation, and fulfilled in such a way, that if your standing fac-to-face with this man, one isn't thinking of Mouzone's spirituality. Rather, your busy de-cyphering the man's considerate and gentlemanly lingo of what it means to, "get the fuck off the block!"



TAX DAY Patty (the15th)

The Claiming of Patty Hearst

It was 9:40 A.M. on the fifteenth day of April in 1974, tax day. Customers were going to the Hibernia Bank in the Sunset district of San Francisco to make their usual transactions. Suddenly four white women and a black man walked in and yelled, "It's a hold-up! Down on the floor! On your faces, you motherfuckers!"

In under four minutes, they robbed the bank of over $10,000, wounded two bystanders, and fled in a getaway car.

When reviewing the videotape afterward, the police were in for a surprise. Among the hold-up gang they saw the face of a nineteen-year-old woman who'd been missing for over two months: Patricia Campbell Hearst, granddaughter of legendary newspaper publisher, William Randolf Hearst. Not only that, she was brandishing a carbine and acting excited, as if she were one of them. It was to be one of the most bizarre events of that period, the truth of whether she was 'down' or not is still under debate.


is it easter?

This Easter, catch a laugh and go PEEP the classic & 5th highest grossing movie of all time, (clockin' $838,400,000 on the books), the 10 commandments (abc television). Once considered the highest-grossing film with a religious storyline until Mel's joint, The Passion of the Christ came along. Many doubt the film's claim of authenticity but the parting of the Red Sea did win the film an Oscar for Special Effects.

dont forget, despite all this hollywood shit...


by: MassiveAttack



(box in hand's 1st Target Market product/service REview!)

Groundbreakin' here Folks!
Heres my first post that involves actual research, somewhat of an interview, and a write-up on this landscape.
more to come, inshallah (god willin')

From the old Art Aficionados to the new Fresh-Blooded art collectors, may i suggest you, "get ya bars up" and go HERE right now!
Cop this slab of gravel made by some dude named, Roskoe Jenkins for 200.04$ (yEs don't forget the 4cents)
I'm sayin, where do these bricks come from?? some abandoned brownstone in Parkslope? some bulldozed housing project in EastNY? (Wortman Av. BiG-UP!) Or possibly a brick from RedMan's, brick city maybe? Lord knows! I asked NewYorker, Livingroom Johnston the dealio of these bricks but he's keepin' it on the hush-hush.

oh Yeah, Livingroom's got a book too!

it'll be my 2nd time reading this book. it breaks down city life of the working man And the fine line one must walk.
(thats my take from it anyhow.) A nice read.

1-900-it's My'Mad @da World' Look


box in hand's very own Kwaz (RK) is a editor by trade (by nature to boot). to kwaz, its just another day in the editbay. but this dude had the honor & privelege of working side-by-side with some of the most gorgeous, charming, brightest, bitchiest and baddest reporters &anchors in the broadcast news industry. this ain't maxim or gq so you wont see Lara Logan, Bobbie Thomas or even Melissa Theuriau (but damn she bangin'). instead, its a short list of 'under the radar'/top-drawer anchors & reporters.

Sumi Das

Taina Hernandez

Isha Sesay

Kris Kosach

Erica Hill

Michaela Pereira

Kristen Sze

Sara Sidner

Arthel Neville

Kiran Chetry

Nafeesa Deflorias



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todays modern man got soft
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